One Stop Factory Solution for Insect Screen and Sun Shading Fabric.

Need an outdoor patio screen that’s able to withstand heavy traffic and playful pets? Our Tuff Screen, Tuff Screen 20x20 and Pet Screen are the perfect choice! If you live in an area plagued by small insects, check out our Tuff Screen 20x20 to keep most bugs out and keep kids and pets safely in your swimming pool or patio enclosure.
2023 05 15
If you live in the southeastern or southwestern United States, you may suffer from no-see-ums. when it comes to tiny insects like sandflies, blackflies or midges, they can cause painful bites and spoil the fun of a summer poolside barbecue. You can furnish hallways and courtyards with our No-See-Um Screen.
2023 05 15
Whether you're a first time DIY or you're an experienced home improvement project person,accurate measurement are important to ensure that you don't have to do the same job twice or spend time withdrawing materials that don't work properly.
2023 04 20
When you owned your own house, and want to assemblea new handsome window screen,or the current tearing condition of your window screen is beyond a little patch-repair job, that will be much proud of yourself.
2023 04 20
Kids will spend all summer months at home after school, when they will enjoy their long and lazy holiday time. But unfortunately the pleasure will be destroyed by insects.
2023 04 20
Many people take their pets as their family members. They want to keep them safe. We, Smartex, understand their concern. Our pet screens do not only protect them from annoying insects they also resist from the cats and dogs puncture, pressing, and scratching.
2023 04 20
While there's nothing like coming indoors to a cool home on a hot day, there's also nothing quite like the feeling of dread you get when opening your monthly energy bills and seeing the cost of cooling your home.
2023 04 20
Home is not just a house.. Just imagine, if you look out your window and door, you can enjoy your beautiful scenery behind your yard which makes your home more sweet. Your living room has floor-to-ceiling windowsthrough which you canoverlook a green lawn in your yard or neighborhood, or it gives you a bird's eye view of the city skyline, it's great to have a clear view of the world.
2023 04 20
In the modern age of connecting via smartphone and social media, it is too important to keep privacy. If you live in an area with densely population, do you want to keep more privacy since your neighbours is close to you? For the sake of home safety, privacy insect screen can protect you from thieves and unexpected visitor who know easily when you are at home or go out.
2023 04 20
Insect screen fabric is the first line protecting your home and family from insects and mosquitos, so durability is the most important thing you have to consider when you choosing a right door & window screens, especially when you have a baby and pets during a badly weather, like a big wind and storm coming. Standard insect screening is also easy to be torn.
2023 04 20
Since the window screens are more to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room, the gap between the screens is relatively small. In fact, the screens can also play a role as an anti-ash layer, because after the screens
2020 12 27
You have found the perfect business idea! and now you are ready to take the next step: Choose the right window screens to market. We, Smartex, have been producing and exporting insect screen products for more than 15 y
2020 09 25
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