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A Few Tricks That You You Can Use To Easily Clean The Screen Window

A Few Tricks That You You Can Use To Easily Clean The Screen Window 1

Since the window screens are more to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room, the gap between the screens is relatively small. In fact, the screens can also play a role as an anti-ash layer, because after the screens are used for a period of time, you can see the screens that a lot of dust will accumulate on the site. Cleaning up this dust is really a headache. Today I will teach you a few tricks!


1. Newspaper cleaning method


When cleaning the screen window, you need to use detergent. First mix the detergent, stir evenly, and then spread newspaper on the dirty screen window, scrape it with a wooden spoon, etc., so that most of the oil stains stick to the old newspaper, and change it repeatedly. Newspaper sticks to oil. Until most of the oil stains are adhered to the newspaper, brush the surrounding area with a wire brush and detergent, then clean it with a damp cloth, and apply a little oil to prevent rust. Do not flush with water prematurely, otherwise, it will get more and more troublesome. If you have enough waste cardboard, it’s better to put them in the size of a screen window and spread newspapers to make cleaning easier.


2. Degrease the batter


If it is installed in the kitchen screen window, in addition to accumulating dust, it will also produce a lot of oil on it. It is very difficult to clean the oil stain. It is even more difficult to clean the oil stain stuck on the screen window. Clean the screen window The grease on the surface can be cleaned with the help of the viscosity of the batter. The flour is mixed with water to make a thin batter, and then the batter is evenly brushed on both sides of the screen. After 5 minutes, wash it off with clean water. The oil stains are washed away with the batter.


3. Vacuum cleaner cleaning


Using a vacuum cleaner to absorb the stolen goods on the screens is a common method, but this cleaning method is only suitable for some screens that are not so dirty. This method is also relatively simple. If you have a friend with a vacuum cleaner, you do not need to do it at all. The cleaning method is the same, you only need to put the screen window on the ground, or hold the screen window with your hand, and then use a vacuum cleaner to wash away the dust little by little.


4. Sponge wipe


Because the gap between the screen windows is too dense, it is not easy to clean the stains inside the gap with a rag, but the sponge is different. The sponge is softer and easy to penetrate into the screen window. It is also a very simple method to operate. The sponge must be slightly Wipe the screen window only after it is soaked. This method is effective and saves a lot of time.


5. Salt cleaning


Generally, there will be no other stains on the screens, most of which are adsorbed dust outside the window. We can use salt to clean the screens. Table salt has the effect of adsorbing dust, and the particles are fine, which can clean crevices, cavities, etc. Dip a rag with some dry salt and carefully wipe off the dust from the corners of the gauze, or use the gauze as a "sieve" to sieve salt through the holes to clean the gauze.


6. Clean up retractable screens


Retractable screens refer to screens that do not look so obvious and look more beautiful in appearance. However, the difficulty of cleaning invisible screens has always been a difficult problem for manufacturers to solve. In the past, it was difficult to completely clean the screens with single-sided top cleaning screens. The surface of the net is dusty and plush live yarn head type (you can directly take off the yarn box and easy to disassemble and wash), which brings safety hazards and troubles to users.


To clean the invisible screens, you can also cover the inside and outside window sills with newspapers, spray water evenly on the screens, then use a brush to brush from the inside of the screens from top to bottom several times, and then use a damp cloth to move from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside. Wipe in order until you are satisfied and stop. Finally, you can spray Dettol-type disinfectant or scented mosquito repellent spray on the gauze net, which is very good for preventing mosquitoes in summer. Together, when the wind blows, it will come back and forth. Aromatic.


The above is the introduction of the small coup for cleaning screen windows. The interior is originally a relatively closed space. In summer, there are many mosquitoes. You can’t rely on spraying some insecticides to repel mosquitoes for a long time. There are also some injuries. Installing screens is a good choice. I hope that these tips for cleaning screens explained by the editor can help you.

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A Few Tricks That You You Can Use To Easily Clean The Screen Window 3



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