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Company Philosophy

There is not much difference in the insect screen and indoor and exterior shading industry. How to stand out among many manufacturers is a problem that SMARTEX has to think about in the early stage of establishment. The health and environmental protection issues of our products and the selection of product raw materials are the foundation of this industry, and what we have to consider is how to make the final products what customers are concerned.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, People are always looking for the products with easy installation as well as with materials of environmentally friendly. More importanly, people focus on the highest standards of requirement on the fabric characteristics. Over the years, we have been constantly concentrating on research, combining more and more different design cultures and design concepts at home and abroad. We want to make things convenient for people with clever design. At the same time, people can realize the smart and peaceful life and comfortable life. We give designers more freedom to create, because only when they feel happy can they truly give customers happiness.

Concerning our fabrics, we are in persuit of INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS. RESPONSIVE SOLUTIONS. Each of our fabrics are meticulously designed to meet specific industry demands, so no matter the need, we are confident in our prowess to supply beautifully innovative fabrics. As a leader in the insect screen and sunscreen market, we are constantly refining our skills and knowledge to offer an extensive line of coated and laminated products. As a result, we have revolutionized the industry with unmatched capabilities and superior customer service.

Our mission

At Smartex, our mission is to ensure you are thrilled with every product ordered every single time. We align with your goals with a platinum service plan for a long-term focus. We believe business is built on relationships. You deserve the highest quality products and a partner you can trust. 

Being an innovative company does not only mean having the best products and solutions for customers. It is also about maintaining good relations with our trading partners and suppliers and offering our own employees a secure job with purpose and perspective

Our Values

Win-win, innovation, unity, integrity, responsibility

In the past 18 years, we have adhered to the design concept of "health, environmental protection, fashion, and intelligence" and adhering to the business tenet of "creating a new consumer experience with great value for money for customers".In the "people-oriented, service first" mission we strive to provide quality products and satisfactory service to every customer. 

Professional and sustainable service spirit, honesty, and innovative business philosophy have become the core competitiveness of SMARTEX. We treat every business and every customer kindly. "Let our partners create wealth and get rich, and let SMARTEX users feel at ease" is our constant pursuit.

SMARTEX provides customers with personalized and customized services anytime, anywhere.

We Are Strategically Focused in Our Work, to be integrity.

We Seek to Be the Best, Great just isn’t good enough.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our success,rigorous practical and efficient!

We show respect for all individuals,we value personal mastery,We respect teamwork and trust our individuals.

We respect teamwork and trust our individual

As a result:

We persistently pursue the quality of products and constantly improve the standards of products, so as to be more reliable, trustworthy, and satisfactory for our customers.

We constantly improve our products, surpass and eliminate ourselves, and try new ways to make us better at everything every day.

We are committed to do the latest and the most popular products, to create new value for the vast number of customers.

We strive for excellence and high goals; We strive for perfection in anything including doing simple things.

We strive to win, we are determined to lead the fashion and establish the benchmark

Operation Rules

Smartex operates based on listed companies’ management thinking mode and strictly obeys laws and rules because we honor Contract Spirit. In order to set up a whole set of modern management system, Smartex calls up to think systemically and get all individuals involved.
Human resource is the most invaluable capital to Smartex. Smartex has always been discovering, culturing talents. Talents in Smartex are highly respected and encouraged to develop themselves as well. The fittest survives.
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Knowledge is the capital to achieve powerfulness and greatness. It should be treated as the most important resource to build up a learning organization within company.
To foster globalization concept and international vision, and learn state-of-art management from world-class enterprises to run business.
To conduct scientific management and maximize efficiency.
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We simplify, standardize and streamline our current work whenever possible. We focus on one thing to do it really, really well.
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How do we cooperate with our partners?

We trust and respect our partners. We treat them as we want to be treated.

Smartex walks in the fierce market competition exactly by sharing profit together with partners and sticking to justice and win-win strategy in business cooperation.

Work Style

Endeavor: Hard-worker oriented, all workforce strive for higher returns.

Simplification: Make complicated things simple, repeat simple things, and do the best.

Rules: Abide by rules and make clear distinction between reward and penalty; focus on the issue instead of the person.

Concentration: Focus, Professionalize and Concentrate.

Result: Success and achievement oriented, only result makes sense.

Passion: Passion and confidence make us invincible.

Gratitude: Be grateful to those who help you grow.

 Saving:Eliminate waste, save money and reduce costs

We have a professional R&D and sales team who clearly understand customers’ needs to provide a one-stop solution for medium to high-end brands, imports, wholesaler, retailers and project contractors. With years of efforts, we have developed a powerful sales network through out the world, from North America to Europe and Australia.
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