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Provide Worldwide Insect Screen Solution
We produce raw materials. We design European Styles. We provide pre-assembled DIY kits.
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Smartex insect screens

The creator of a good life.

The Smartex insect screens are highly effective in keeping mosquitoes, flies, wasps, or spiders out, while still allowing natural light and air to flow into your home. You can also open the window at night and leave the light on. The fresh, cool air lets you sleep better and helps you wake up well-rested. Enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep, with no more mosquito hunts or worries about unwanted pests.

Our products are mainly including insect screen mesh, screen door kits, and retractable insect screen kits. Browse our range of insect screens and discover the perfect solution for your home.
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Customer Service

Our insect screens products come in various shapes and sizes to fit the different areas and can be customized to your specific needs.

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SGS/TUV/CE certified, ROHOS/reach testing quality conformance.
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Design and R&D Capability - total of 10 R&D Desirers and Engineers for us to able to launch new products.
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Meeting with China’s Environmental protection, ensure non-stop production during the season.
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We have our own logistic company, in which, we could supply superior shipment service directly to your warehouse. Door-to-door service is available.
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When we received the customer's order, the production of raw materials and the mold are completed on the first month. Delivery completed at the end of the second month.
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A Cost-effective manufacturer of insect screen

Welcome to Smartex Screen Co, Ltd. Our office is in Qingdao City and our factory is established in 2005. Our factory covers an area of 100,000 square meters.

The Smartex factory possessed the whole production line for insect screens, insect screen windows, and screen doors.

They include 16 PVC-coating lines for yarns, 5 warping machines, 120 looms including 48 imported advanced looms, 2 heat-fixing machines, 30 inspection tables, etc. As for the assembling line, we have a production line for PVC extrusion, PVC injection, a production line for aluminum cutting, mesh cutting, and mesh rolling, a production line for assembling, packing, and shrinking, etc.

With 18+ years of experience
With 18+ years of experience
Smartex has a turnover of 30 million square meters of screen nets and 700 thousand kits of screen windows and screen doors per year. Due to our big development capability, we have a wide range of insect screen production exceeding 50 different European-favorite products.

The Prospect of the Insect Screens Industry

The prospect of the Insect Screens industry is positive due to the increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly insect screens solutions for controlling insect populations outdoors, as well as for personal protection against insects in residential, office, and recreational areas. At the same time, keep the flies out of your place of work or home, and create a comfortable working or living environment. This means they are ideal for hotel kitchens, food manufacturers, and busy restaurants.

In the meantime, We assist our valued customers to design and developing their products by standing on the Creative & Innovative foot. We manufacture the products of our customers with Quality Assurance, Delivery Accuracy & Cost Effectiveness.
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Get Ideas & Inspiration
Patio screening that's "Tuff" enough for kids and pets
Need an outdoor patio screen that’s able to withstand heavy traffic and playful pets? Our Tuff Screen, Tuff Screen 20x20 and Pet Screen are the perfect choice! If you live in an area plagued by small insects, check out our Tuff Screen 20x20 to keep most bugs out and keep kids and pets safely in your swimming pool or patio enclosure.
2023 05 15
Need protection from insects in a large area?
If you live in the southeastern or southwestern United States, you may suffer from no-see-ums. when it comes to tiny insects like sandflies, blackflies or midges, they can cause painful bites and spoil the fun of a summer poolside barbecue. You can furnish hallways and courtyards with our No-See-Um Screen.
2023 05 15
How to Choose the Right Screen Spline Size
Whether you're a first time DIY or you're an experienced home improvement project person,accurate measurement are important to ensure that you don't have to do the same job twice or spend time withdrawing materials that don't work properly.
2023 04 20
How to Renew a window, door or Pool & Patio Screen
When you owned your own house, and want to assemblea new handsome window screen,or the current tearing condition of your window screen is beyond a little patch-repair job, that will be much proud of yourself.
2023 04 20
Protection From Small Insects
Kids will spend all summer months at home after school, when they will enjoy their long and lazy holiday time. But unfortunately the pleasure will be destroyed by insects.
2023 04 20
Pet Protection
Many people take their pets as their family members. They want to keep them safe. We, Smartex, understand their concern. Our pet screens do not only protect them from annoying insects they also resist from the cats and dogs puncture, pressing, and scratching.
2023 04 20
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