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SMARTEX SCREEN sustainability 
● Environmentally friendly and safe against insects.

● Our insect and vermin protection solutions are environmentally friendly and chemical-free

● Practical and environmentally friendly on doors, windows, and all other construction situations.
Ecological Sustainable Development

SMARTEX is committed to promoting sustainable development. We realize that if an enterprise does a good job in environmental protection, it can improve its corporate image, enhance product competitiveness, and gain market and social recognition. Concerning the environment and promoting a broader sustainable development agenda are an integral part of SMARTEX's development. Starting from us, we should pay attention to environmental protection, save resources, and develop greenly, fulfilling the responsibilities of enterprises in environmental protection and sustainable development of the environment.

Social responsibility, establishing a corporate management model that combines environmental protection and economic benefits, and emphasizing ecological and social benefits, can adapt to the new economic competition environment, enhance competitive advantages, and achieve comprehensive and sustainable development. And help our customers and partners do the same!

Eco-sustainable development Policy

At Smartex we pride ourselves on producing environmentally friendly, sustainable home hardware that has a big impact on the décor, but a small impact on the environment.

But what does sustainability really mean?

In short, a product is considered sustainable if it does not deplete natural, non-renewable resources, does not directly harm the environment and is made in a socially responsible manner.

As a company, we recognise the importance of sustainability and are therefore firmly committed to expanding our use of sustainable materials because of their positive impact on the planet.

Durable home hardware for the toughest environments

We consider the economic use of resources when designing and developing products, including transport packaging, in order to consume as little raw material and packaging material as possible and to recycle as much material as possible.

In addition to the recyclable materials put into production, our products have a longer lifespan, which reduces our carbon footprint from ongoing production and frees our customers from having to constantly replace hardware and reduce resource waste. We are also proud to be able to combine our sustainability strategy with our internal efforts and practise it in our production processes and office work, for example by recycling materials generated in the production process, which are carefully sorted and sent for recycling.

This includes aluminium scraps, sheet metal perforations and cut-outs, paper, cardboard and plastic are also recycled.

Create insect screen products that meet customer needs for the social environment
1.In the product design stage, we take production suitability, economic benefits, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance as the standards, rationally configure so as to consume as little raw materials and packaging materials as possible, and close the material cycle as much as possible.

2.In addition to the recycled materials that go into production, our equipment is more automatic, which reduces our waste from ongoing production. 

3.Technicians insist on regular repair and maintenance of machines and equipments. Ensure the normal operation of machines and improve their utilization. 
4.The production operation plan formulates the accurate start and end time of the process, calculates the resources used in the process, and can accurately predict the cost consumed by each process before production execution, and then carry out cost control, so that it can achieve real fine-grained resource management. Shorten delivery time, reduce waste, and synchronize quality, output and efficiency.

We combine our sustainable sourcing with in-house efforts where the small amount of excess material generated during manufacturing is carefully sorted and sent for recycling.
Setting sustainability standards for partnerships

● With our products and services we want to continuously create value and benefits for our partners, customers and users.

● At the same time, we take our responsibilities seriously and fulfil them by paying close attention to environmental and energy issues throughout the value chain and in our region.

● Together with our partners, we hope to identify and take action or measures to further protect the environment and resources through face-to-face and equal communication.

Social Responsibility

While pursuing economic interests, Smartex actively assumes social responsibilities to employees, consumers, communities and other stakeholders and the environment, including compliance with business ethics, safety in production, occupational health, protection of legitimate rights and interests of laborers, environmental protection, and support for charity career etc. Organically combine the corporate social responsibility with the core business of the company, and continuously output value through the company's own professional technology.

For example: Every year, Smartex sends employee representatives to visit nursing homes to condolences to the elderly, or to carry out public welfare activities such as garbage collection in public environments, caring for people's livelihood, fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, giving back to the society, and contributing to the local building of a harmonious society.

Managing Sustainability

In terms of sustainable development of enterprise management, Smartex adheres to the 6S management system in enterprise management:
The purpose is to standardize the organization of the production site by employees, realize balanced, safe and civilized production, improve business quality, improve economic benefits, and achieve high quality, high efficiency and low consumption. 

We first conduct self-inspection for raw materials, semi-finished products and accessories after entering the workshop, and they can only be put into production if they meet the standards or have concession acceptance procedures, otherwise they cannot be put into production. Strictly implement the production according to the standards, processes and drawings. The process parameters and technical requirements stipulated in the drawings and process documents should be strictly followed and carefully implemented. Inspections should be carried out according to the regulations, and records should be kept.
● The passageway is clear and tidy.
● The workplace equipment, materials stacked neatly, do not place unnecessary things.
● The office items on the desk and in the drawers should be sorted and placed neatly.
● The goods on the shelf are arranged neatly.  
● Machine equipment regular maintenance and equipment maintenance card, placed neatly.
● Place the tools and maintain them regularly.
● Parts positioning replace, clearly marked and convenient to use.
● The tool and mould are clearly positioned, clearly marked and convenient to use.
● Each area of the workshop has 6s area of responsibility and responsible person.
● The clear division of the channel station, channel smooth.
● DO“6s” work 5 minutes before going to or leaving work every day.
● Correct the non-conformance in time.
● Maintain and improve the results of sorting, tidying and cleaning.
● Wear factory clothes and be clean and decent.  
● Employees are polite, warm and generous.
● Employees are energized.
● The staff have team spirit, help each other, actively participate in"6s" activities, a strong sense of time.
● There are safety warning signs in key dangerous areas.
● Comply with the safety operation rules, ensure the normal operation of production, do not damage public property.
● Don't drink before work and don't smoke in no-smoking areas
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Career Sustainability Plan 

Employee shareholding incentive assessment system 

In order to promote the stable and long-term development of Guangdong XTIME Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd., improve the company's performance management, and further enhance the enthusiasm and responsibility of employees, and provide employees with a platform for long-term and stable development, after discussion by major shareholders, from 2018, Implement employee bonus incentive system.
● The job is due diligence, good professionalism, strong execution, and meticulous work process; Abide by the company's rules and regulations and the requirements of the employee handbook, and have no major violations of discipline;
● Willing to create, share and share with the company;
● Outstanding work performance in 2 years, strong working ability and sense of responsibility;
● Have good social morality, quality and professionalism, work hard, and don't care about personal gains and losses;
● Clear the production plan and progress, complete the production tasks on time and according to the quantity, ensure the quality, and have the spirit of the director;
● Have strong executive power, obey the company management, and complete the company's report and document management as required;
● High loyalty to the company, safeguarding the interests of the company everywhere, not using power for personal gain, embezzling company property.
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