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USA: Magnetic Fly Screen And Magnetised Mesh Bug Free Door Curtain
"We sell on Amazon the magnetic fly screen for windows and magnetised mesh bug free door curtains. Very easy to sell in summer."About two years ago, we decided to start up a business on Amazon.Then we searched for prod
2020 03 12
UK: PVC Retractable Fly Screens And Aluminum Roller Insect Screens
"I am a reseller in the UK. We sell on Amazon, eBay, Facebook shop DIY mosquito kits. I am happy that Smartex gave us all the support!"I am a reseller in the UK. Before we meet Smartex, we purchased from Europe. Gradua
2021 02 11
Italy: Easy To Sell And We Are Very Satisfied
"We sell DIY insect screen products since 2012 and after trying 2 or 3 suppliers from China. We found that Smartex did the most excellent job. They offered good prices, considerate services. Great Job, I should say!"We
2021 04 30
Kenya: Pleated Flyscreen Business Changed My Life
"Smartex Pleated flyscreens have completely changed the life and my business"We run across the Smartex website and sent them an inquiry email. Very soon they replied to me.At that time, flyscreen was new to me. But her
2020 10 01
India: PVC-coated Pleated Insect Screen Resistant To Weather
"PVC-coated polyester insect screen we buy from Smartex functions very well in the Indian market"We are using Smartex Pleated fly screen in the Indian and Australian markets, technically speaking, PVC-coated polyester
2019 09 06
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