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Kenya: Pleated Flyscreen Business Changed My Life

"Smartex Pleated flyscreens have completely changed the life and my business"



We run across the Smartex website and sent them an inquiry email. Very soon they replied to me.

At that time, flyscreen was new to me. But here in Lagos, year-round season hot, I knew that there are great potentials for the needs of insect screen windows and doors. That is why I decided to invest in this business.

Smartex's reply was very professional and I can feel that they are quite experienced. But I still fly to China to visit their factory.

Since then, everything was changed. I learned how the pleated insect screen systems work and how they are produced.

I also purchased the machinery which is required to make production.

The windows and doors sizes vary greatly in my country. I decided to buy 5.8m material bars from Smartex. They taught me step by step how to make a screen door.

Kenya: Pleated Flyscreen Business Changed My Life 1

In my area, pleated flyscreen is a brand new high-end product. I can say that I am lucky to invest in this business. They are well-liked by our customers.

It is very aesthetic. Easy to produce, easy to install, and function greatly!

It can be internal mount as well as outside mount. It does not alter the beauty of the windows and doors.

To my customers, the pleated fly mesh is a decoration.

We received many recommendations from our old customers and I would like to introduce Smartex to you too.

My goal is surely to sell more and more and gain a reputation.

Kenya: Pleated Flyscreen Business Changed My Life 2

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