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How to Choose the Right Screen Spline Size

How to Choose the Right Screen Spline Size 1

Whether you're a first time DIY or you're an experienced home improvement project person,accurate measurement are important to ensure that you don't have to do the same job twice or spend time withdrawing materials that don't work properly.

While measuring a screen window, screen door or any other area that needs to be screened may seem like a fairly simple process, there are some things that can be neglected, such as measuring the splines used to secure the screen to the frame.


What is a screen spline and how is it measured?

A spline is a vinyl baseline that holds the screen material in place in the frame, and the spline will roll into the groove by a spline roller or screen mouse, a tool specifically designed to make it easier to press the spline into the groove smoothly and fluidly.

The spline is measured by diameter, which determines the thickness of the spline you need to attach the screen to the frame.

The chart below shows you what kind of spline you should use on your screen. The spline itself is bendable and can be rolled into a groove thinner than the width. This is to make sure that the spline stays with your screen and doesn't pop up.

How to Choose the Right Screen Spline Size 2
Select screen and spline for common frames: What size screen spline do I need?

■ Measure the spline groove on the frame.

■ When using standard fiberglass or aluminum wire mesh or repairing damaged wire mesh with the same material, the spline size shall match the width of the keyway. See the chart below for product exceptions.

■ Pet screen ,Tuff,Screen,SunTex and Super Solar Screening a smaller size is required due to the thickness of the fabric.

■ Spline sizes are shown in decimal units to match the spline grooves measured in inches.


Screening Types:

5/16” x ¾”Frame

7/16” x ¾”Frame

Standard Fiberglass Insect Screening

.140 (9/64”)

.140 (9/64”)

Aluminum Insect Screening

.125 (⅛”)

.125 (⅛”)

Pool and Patio Screening

.140 (9/64”)

.140 (9/64”)

No-See-Ums Screening

.140 (9/64”)

.140 (9/64”)


.140 (9/64”)

.140 (9/64”)

SunTex 80 Solar Screening

.125 (⅛”)

.125 (⅛”)

SunTex 90 Solar Screening

.125 (⅛”)

.125 (⅛”)

Super Solar Screening

.125 (⅛”)

.125 (⅛”)

PetScreen or TuffScreen

.125 (⅛”)

.125 (⅛”)

Not all screen frames are created equal. The size of the spline channel varies, measure accordingly. Below is a chart that gives suggestions for the size splines you will need based on the channel size.


Screen Spline Diameter Chart



Screening Types:

Diameter in Inches

Diameter in Millimeters

























Flat Spline



How To Change The Window, Door, Or Patio Screen
More tips for measuring your screen

◈ Note any mounting hardware you may need, including tension springs, frame wires, and corner brackets.

Check out our video for more helpful tips on measuring different types of window frames.


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