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How to Renew a window, door or Pool & Patio Screen

When you owned your own house, and want to assemble a new handsome window screen,or the current tearing condition of your window screen is beyond a little patch-repair job, that will be much proud of yourself if you can easily DIY window screening not need the help from a Professional. 

Relying on over 20 years of creation and excellence in insect window screening, Smartex can provide you with assembly accessories to make DIY in your new next screening project a breeze.

We also have two or three new things about DIY installations and want to share some tips for quick and easy installs for window, door and patio screening.

How To Replace a Window Screen

How to Renew a window, door or Pool & Patio Screen 1
When your window screen has a break that’s too big to mend with a small patch of replacement screens, you’ll need to remove your old screen and make a brand new screening. Here’s how!
 What You’ll Need:

◈  Installation kits 

◈  Scissors

◈  Masking Tape

◈  Utility knife

◈  Screwdriver (optional)

Tips for Assembling Window Screen

◈  When replacing your window screen, please place its frame on a flat surface, then remove existing damaged window screen, then use hook&loop Velcro to adhere it to the flat place along the outer edge. Be careful not to exceed the slot.

◈  Unfold the mesh screen, lay the screen on the frame, align it vertically, and leave a surplus of 1/2 "(1.3 cm) at the side position.

◈  Using the spline roller tool, first roll window screens into the slot. When rolling, make sure that the window screen is flat and straight. Then safely press and hold the spline in the groove to ensure that it reaches every corner of the window frame. You may need to use a screwdriver or an Utility knife to gently push the splines into each corner.

◈  Use an Utility knife to remove excess window screens. You must ensure the safety of the outer edges of the trench is guaranteed to prevent damage to the new window screen that will be assembled.

How To Assembling Door Screen

How to Renew a window, door or Pool & Patio Screen 2
Assembling a new door screen for your home is not much different from assembling a window screen. We will guide you through this process, listing the tools you will need, which will be a very simple assembly.
 The Tools You Will Need

◈  Installation Kits

◈  Scissors

◈  Masking Tape

◈  Tape measure

◈  Utility knife

◈  Screwdriver (optional)

Tips for Assembling door screen

◈  Remove the broken window screen from the door frame, as do so, by simply moving the splines around the edge, the old window screen will quickly and easily fall off. If you have difficulty removing splines, you can use an utility knife to help.

◈  Then, make sure your door is secure and won't move when you reinstall the door screen.

◈  Unfold the screen mesh and determine how much you need to reinstall the new screening. Leave appropriate excess on each side of the door to ensure that you use the amount correctly.

◈  Cut your ideal size with an utility knife

◈  Use masking tape to attach the mesh to the door. (Professional tip: During this process, you can cut a few pieces of masking tape in advance and make them into n model to stick.)

◈  Make sure your door screen is straight, and then use a spline roller to push it to squeeze the mesh into the grooves of the spline.Repeat, make sure that the spline passes through the spline groove around the door.

◈  When using spline rollers, be sure to tighten the mesh to avoid wrinkles or swaying in the breeze.

If you are sure that your mesh is tight and securely safe in place with splines, use your utility knife to cut the spline lines. Then, remove the masking tape and cut off the excess masking material from the edges.

Please check out our video tutorial on changing the door screens !

How to change the screen mesh of a Pool & Patio 

Obviously, changing the pool and Patio mesh is a two-person job. It's not no way for one person to complete it independently, but it's definitely much faster to have one more people do it. Here are some tips for changing the pool and Patio mesh.

◈  First , remove the old or bad mesh. Use pliers or a utility knife to cut along the edge of the spline and drag it out of the frame. If multiple splines hold the old mesh in place, repeat the process until all splines are removed, making it easy to remove the old mesh from the frame line.

◈  Perhaps your patio or pool like birdcage has multiple faces that need new mesh screen. Use tape measure to measure the opening size of each face, measure the length of the opening along the outer edge of the spline channel, and then measure the width of the opening. Once you have the dimensions, add 2-3 inches (5.1-7.6 centimeters) per side as a margin.

◈  Place the screen on a flat surface and cut off the measured size with an utility knife. For the safety , you can glue down the 1-2 edges of the mesh so that it does not pile up and leave rough edges during cutting. (Professional tip: You can use a yardstick or a wooden strip as a ruler to ensure accurate cutting)

◈  Roll the mesh into the place over the opening, leaving at least 1-2 inches (2.5-5.1 cm) of margin on the edge. (Professional tip: Having a second person to help you can make this part more easier!)

◈  Take the spline and press it with a spline roller to squeeze the mesh into the groove. Be sure to tighten the mesh to ensure a secure application.

◈  Ensure that the splines always enter the spline groove along the opening

If you are sure that your mesh is tight and securely safety in the correct position with splines, use your utility knife to cut. Then, remove the masking tape and cut off the excess masking mesh from the edges.

◈  Repeat the above until you have completed all the faces of the pool or terrace.

When DIY project becomes a new thing, many homeowners have been carrying out house renovations for over decades to make their homes more comfortable and more beautiful. Smartex is proud to be able to provide them with the screen mesh they need for their decoration - we will always focus on this place.

Is it excited by you to renew your windows or terrance? Homeowners, please check our DIY video catalog, where you will get useful tips. Take the questions or watch our screen selection guide, and you will find your correct screen product just near you.

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