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Pet Protection

Pet screen invented to protect against cats and dogs paws and claws

Why pet screen is important?

Many people take their pets as their family members. They want to keep them safe. We, Smartex, understand their concern. Our pet screens do not only protect them from annoying insects they also resist from the cats and dogs puncture, pressing, and scratching.

Our pet screen is applicable to windows and doors. It also can be used on large enclosures, such as porches, and swimming pool. When the pet screen is used on porch enclosures, it can perfectly allow the pets going in and out without destroy the screens. At the same time, you can enjoy the fresh air.

Why should choose Pet screen?

Easy to install and replace

Smartex Pet Screen is easy to be operated and replace on any windows and doors, or even on large porches or swimming pools. 

They last long

Many home owners need to replace their home screens due to the damage from the pets, which increase the costs. Our pet screen keeps the bugs out while many insects carry virus which can cause health problem. Smartex Pet screen is strong, durable and sturdy. You and your pets can freely enjoy inhouse life.

Made in China, we offer high quality pet screen with low prices.

Smartex, has been producing and exporting pet screens for more than 20 years. Customers from all around the world like our quality and service. If you are looking for pet screen or other types of window screens, please contact Smartex immediately.

Why Smartex Pet screen is strong enough to resist pets?

Smartex pet screens are ideal for window screens which need to be tear resistance and resistant to pet puncture. We have been long producing durable screens because we know that you want to protect your pets.

Smartex pet screen and tuff screen are made from strong vinyl-coated polyester. The vinyl-coated polyester yarn is designed to be stronger, resilient and more durable. Their tough structurer and high quality polyester yarn make them resistant to tears caused by pets.

If you are looking for insect screen what is super strong and UV resistant, Smartex Solar Screen is your best choice. Solar screen is not only pet resistant but also ideal for sun protection. Also made from durable, densely-woven vinyl-coated polyester, Smartex Solar Screen can block 80 to 90 percent of the sun rays and stop them to overheat your furniture. Solar screen is fade resistant. When you cleaning them, just use water and it looks new again.  

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