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Why Pet Screen Matters

Every year, furry little family members tear, shred, bend and destroy more doors and windows.

Why Pet Screen Matters 1

The dog destroyed thescreen door. Is there a way to reduce or stop the massacre caused by pets, the answer is yes! If your pet is ugly on the screen, then you really should consider installing the pet screen in the doors and windows!

Unlike traditional fiberglass glass screen fabrics, pet screens are made of special pet-resistant fabrics, which are woven from tough polyester yarn and covered with a protective PVC vinyl coating. This special mixture of materials forms a strong and flexible mesh structure that can withstand most of the damage normally thrown by claws and claws. In addition, PVC vinyl coating is more resistant to sunlight and other outdoor factors than delicate glass fiber screen fabrics, thereby greatly extending the life of the screen.

Pet screens are seven times stronger than traditional insect screens and are available in black or gray.

Why Pet Screen Matters 2

Dog paw damage. Therefore, if your puppy smashes your screen, or your Tomcat uses your screen door again as a scratching post, then you really should install a pet screen to enjoy the breeze without bugs and Your pets ... although they are naughty!

What effect can I see from the pet screen?

In order to make the pet screen strong enough to resist paws and claws, the wire harness of a single screen is thicker and stronger than the traditional insect screen. In order to maintain sufficient airflow and visibility, the strings of the pet protection net are placed a little further apart to form a larger single opening between the strings. result? This curtain still has excellent strength and outward visibility, but it is more noticeable than traditional bug screens.

Why Pet Screen Matters 3

How much air will the pet screen bring me?

One of the reasons for making pet screens stronger than traditional bug screens is that the single strands of woven fabric material are thicker than traditional bug screens. Therefore, compared with the traditional Bug screen structure, you will get slightly less airflow. That being said, the differences are negligible, and most customers do not find much difference. The real question you should ask yourself is how much air can I open the windows now because of the damaged screen?

Why Pet Screen Matters 4

Are the bugs on the pet screen tight?

Yes, the pet mesh is still small enough to block flies and mosquitoes.

Can I install the pet screen into thescreen door?

absolute! Sliding patio screen doors and traditional swing screen doors are the most popular locations for this innovative product! Because pets are particularly uncomfortable on the screen door, we have more pet screens installed in the screen door than anywhere else!

Why Pet Screen Matters 5

What are the colors of the pet screen?

The pet screen is black or gray. For the best external visibility (and match with other existing window screens), most customers bought Black Pet Screen.

Can the pet screen make the external frame stronger?

Can't. The installation of pet screens does not in any way enhance or strengthen the screens or the frame of the screens. The pet screen is designed to withstand the damage caused by paw scratches, not anything else. If your pet (usually a dog) slams into a sliding screen door fitted with a pet screen, the pet screen fabric itself is highly unlikely to be damaged (it is extremely strong), but the frame of the screen may still be will bend.

in conclusion:

You can see why it is so important to have a pet screen. When you're ready to buy, please bear in mind that Smartex is always ready to serve you. We have been helping many distributors in your region to expand the business. Call us today to learn more.

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