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How To Choose Window Screen Materials?

Window screens are a must for homeowners, especially in hot summer times. When you research window screen materials, you might get confused about what is the most suitable for your home use. Although it seems there are many options to choose from, there are only three categories of window screen materials: Fiberglass, polyester, and aluminum.

How To Choose Window Screen Materials? 1

By seeing this, you may come across a new question: which is better? Fiberglass mesh, polyester screen, or aluminum net? See below for the positives and negatives of insect screen materials:

Comparison: Fiberglass, Polyester, and aluminum Fiberglass insect screen:

  • Fiberglass insect screen:



-Many options available

Cons: -Less durable

-Fades over time

Comments: most commonly used in the fixed window screen, retractable screen window, roller fly screen window

How To Choose Window Screen Materials? 2

  • Polyester insect screen:


-More expensive for more heavy-duty features

-Cheaper option for some simple and not durable options


-Heavy-duty mesh: less transparent

-cheaper option: less durable

Comments: Heavy-duty polyester mesh, we commonly see Pet Screen (Dog Screen, Cat Screen), Tuff Screen (Pool & Patio screen)

How To Choose Window Screen Materials? 3

Cheap polyester mesh: commonly used in some door curtains.

Another window screen that is made of polyester mesh is the pleated screen / Plisse screen / zigzag screen.

  • Aluminum mesh



-long lasting


-Dents and scratches easily (creates permanet creases)

-Expensive option

Comments: commonly uses in some coastal areas for the sake of it's durable features.

How To Choose Window Screen Materials? 4

Types of Fiberglass Window Screens

For the best view when looking out your window, choose a dark window screen material such as Black or Charcoal.

There are many sub-types of window screen material made from fiberglass. Some are:

  • Fiberglass standard mesh (18x16 mesh)

  • Pool and Patio screen Fiberglass (18x14 mesh)

  • Betterview and Altra seeview (Improved visibility) fiberglass mesh (18x18 mesh, 20x20 mesh, etc)

The most common colors for fiberglass window screens are black, charcoal and gray.

Would you like to know how fiberglass mesh is produced?

See here:

Types of Polyester Window Screens

  • Pet Screen / dog screen/ cat screen

  • tuff screen / pool and patio screen

  • Pleated screen / plisse screen / zigzag screen

Types of Aluminum Window Screens

Aluminum window screens have been in use for decades and are thought of as the original window screen material. There are only one type of aluminum screening: 18x16 standard aluminum screen wire. Aluminum wire is available in three colors: Black, Charcoal and Brite (silver).

Would you like to see how the aluminum mesh is produced?

See here:

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