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Pleated Mosquito Net for Window

Pleated Mosquito Net for Window 1

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Pleated Mosquito Net for Window 2


Elegant and stable mosquito nets thanks to an aluminum frame

Mosquito protectors: tight and resistant pleated mesh. High transparency: the fabric of the pleated mosquito net is specially designed to let in as much light as possible.

Protects 100% against all types of insects

UV and weather resistant.

Pleated feature: the mosquito net is folded several times on itself to give it a pleated effect which has the advantage of being both aesthetic and practical. When opening the mosquito net, the pleated mesh folds back on itself and therefore does not require a roller box.

Optional sunshade: multi-function

Height adjustable at different levels: the mosquito net can be adjusted in height at different levels.Detailed installation instructions come along with the product package.

Its opening system allows it to block the handle according to your needs in order to access the window without fully opening the mosquito net.

Face fit or recess fit

Pleated Mosquito Net for Window 3

Aluminum profiles can be produce with any RAL color, such as White (RAL 9016), Brown (RAL Pleated mosquito nets have two color options: black and grey, but black color is more popular: Less messy and better transparency

The position of the pleated insect screen and pleated blackout is adjustable in height: can be stopped at any point

Width and height can be cut, completly DIY design: Measure the height and width of the table inside your window at the desired location.

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