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Why Do Roller Shutters Need To Be Used As Architectural Shading

Daylighting and sunlight are necessary for entering our buildings through roller shutter windows. As a single source of natural energy, sunlight appears to be indispensable. However, the energy density of daylighting and sunlight varies within a larger range, and it must Take control to prevent excessive temperature and glare.

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology and economy, the development of urbanization has caused the number and height of buildings to continue to rise. At the same time, a series of serious problems such as resource depletion, environmental degradation, ecological destruction, and climate warming have gradually been paid attention to. According to statistics, in a developing country like my country, building energy consumption accounts for about 30% of the total social energy consumption, reducing building energy consumption, modern energy-saving, ecological, low-energy-consumption energy-saving, and green buildings have received widespread attention and welcome. Promulgated a series of regulations and policies to regulate and encourage energy-efficient buildings.




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