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What types of insect screen net are suitable for rolling insect screen system?

What types of insect screen net are suitable for rolling insect screen system?


As we know, roller fly screen products are used to prevent mosquitos and insects to keep a peaceful and pleasant life. Actually the key material playing this function is insect screen mesh used. But what types of insect screen net are suitable for rolling insect screen system? It will be one of concerned topics from any of screen window and door manufacturers.


For information, there are 3 types of insect screen fabric for this functions as follows:

1.Fiberglass stiff insect screen

Fiberglass stiff insect screen is a specialized insect screen fabric that is used for the production of roller screen systems both vertical & horizontal. While maintaining all the properties of standard insect screen, the different way of production ensures the required stiffness for production of roller insect screen systems.

The item name: pvc-coated fiberglass stiff insect screen

Compostion: 32%fiberglass, 68%PVC

The quality level: Middle Stiff mesh and Most Stiff Mesh

The specs: 18x16, 110g/sq.m

The color: grey, black, white, etc.

Application: Rolling insect window and door

2. PP/PE insect screen mesh

This fabric is produced with polypropylene and polyethelene with thinner yarn diameter. It will have better view effect and it is also stiff for roller fly screen window and door. Because of no pvc-coated materials, it is regard as the best health-green materials in the field of insect screen mesh.

The item name: PP/PE plain insect screen

The composition: PP/PE

The specs: 18x18, 19x19, 20x20, dia=0.2mm

Application: Rolling insect window and door


3. Elastic polyester insect screen

Some customers are starting to use very soft insect screen instead of stiff insect screen. It is insect screen produced with polyester with 16x19 mesh and 50g/sq.m. Its soft and elastic performance will make the rolling screen flexible. When you touch the net with your fingers, it will elastic. When you leave your fingers, the net will come back to very plain insect screen immediately. 


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