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Are You Looking For The Suppliers To Increase Your Insect Screen Sales

What we produce - Fly Screen Mesh Manufacturers

In 2005, we produced fiberglass mosquito net and pleated flyscreen. We first exported to Europe and later the USA and other nations.

Now we are a worldwide supplier in the mosquito screen industry.

While the fiberglass insect screen produced by other manufacturers were thick, no environmentally friendly, and not resistant to folding, etc, We, Smartex, improved the production process of PVC-coated fiberglass window screens and developed the PVC environmental protection coatings, and we select high-strength and low-elastic white fiberglass filaments, hence a new type of high-definition, small weight, environmentally friendly, flame-retardant, soft and beautiful window screen has been developed. The window screen is at the forefront of the industry in terms of material composition and overall structure. This product has been recognized by high-end markets at home and abroad since it was put into production.

Now produce and supply:

  • Fiberglass standard insect screen, 18x16, 17x15, 20x20, 24x24, etc

  • Stiff mesh

  • Betterview 18x18, 20x20

  • pet screen

  • fiberglass pool and patio screen

  • tuff screen

  • 100% polyester pleated nets

  • PVC-polyester pleated mosquito nets

  • PP/PE plisee screen mesh

  • Aluminum insect screen

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What we produce -mosquito netting factory for windows and doors

In 2015, to meet our mosquito net clients requirements, we start to produce insect screens for windows and doors, we have aluminulated expert knowledge in this industry.

We comply strictly to the quality guaranteed and certified standards.

So far, we have been steady suppliers to many big supermarkets, Amazon sellers, eBay, etc.

Best sellers are:

  • Retractable roller screen window and door

  • Pleated/Plisse screen window and door

  • Fixed window and door

  • Magnetic screen window

  • Magnetic screen door curtains

  • Lamella flyscreen curtains

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