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Retractable Fly Screens and Insect Screens Which Protect Your Home


Insect life becomes active all summer long and these insatiable little creatures can make your indoor life miserable if they gain access. That's why fly screens are so important to homeowners.

Invite the wind, keep the bugs out.

Smartex Screens offers a wide variety of screens. Our products combine functionality with fashion and allow you to enjoy a house without insects, without ruining the aesthetics of your home or your view of nature. They also work to keep your home free from flying debris, very useful on those windy days.

Retractable Fly Screens and Insect Screens Which Protect Your Home 2

Retractable and pleated screens are a popular choice for many good reasons

Some doors and windows can be difficult to screen with standard screens, which is why retractable screens are a popular choice. Retractable screens are a favorite among houses with folding doors, patio doors, stacking doors, pivot doors, awning windows and casement windows. Our pleated and retractable fly screens utilize a superior design system combined with an extra strong and durable mesh that lasts a long time.

Choose the best retractable mosquito net for your home

Smartex Screen offers a choice of retractable fly screens and pleated fly screens

Retractable roll-up mosquito nets for doors and windows

A system that allows you to unfold the screen when you need it and roll out when you don't need it. It will gently retract into the cassette that perfectly matches your windows and / or door frames.

Retractable Fly Screens and Insect Screens Which Protect Your Home 3

Pleated insect screens for doors and windows

A pleated mosquito net works the same way as a concertina: by using the pleats to carefully stack the mesh itself. When the screen is extended, a series of tension cables hold the mesh in place. Smartex pleated insect screens can span up to 3.2 meters with a double screen and 1.6 meters for a single screen.

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