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What Is An External Sunshade Roller Shutter?

The roller shutter window has a beautiful and simple appearance, which is suitable for office and home window shading, especially for large area glass curtain wall roller shutter. When the roller blind fabric is put down, it can soften the indoor light, avoid direct sunlight, and achieve a good shading effect. When the roller blind is raised, its volume is so small that it is not easy to be noticed. Roller blind fabrics include semi-shielding roller blinds, semi-transparent roller blinds, and full-shielding roller blinds, which can be determined according to the window position and usage.

External sun-shading roller shutters are roller shutter windows installed outdoors. Compared with indoor roller shutters, they need to have the following functions: External sun-shading roller shutters are mainly composed of roller shutter bundles, shafts, and guide rails. Each component also has some basic technical requirements:

1. Due to the long-term exposure of the external sun-shading shutters, the materials of each part have certain anti-corrosion and anti-weathering functions.

2. In the structural design, it is necessary to ensure that the blades and profiles that make up the roller shutter board cannot move in series with each other, so as to ensure the normal function of the roller shutter device.

3. In the completely closed state of the roller shutter, each leaf must be well sealed without light leakage; in the not completely closed state, the small holes between the leaves must be exposed to allow good light transmission.

4. When using the pull belt drive, ensure that the pull-out reel and the pull-out direction of the belt are in the same plane. No sharp corners are allowed in the strap guide. The drawstring must be a flat woven fabric, with reinforced edges, and the bandwidth should not be too small.

5. When using a manual drive device without a crank device, the pulling force on the strap cannot exceed a certain limit.

6. All parts including joints must be strong and durable, and be able to withstand certain twists under certain wind or other external forces.

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