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Screen Effect

Window screening, made of chemical fiber, is a very thin cloth. Generally matched with curtain cloth. A layer of cloth, a layer of gauze, a kind of gauze glued on the doors and windows becomes the window screen. Window screens are widely used in doors, windows, and corridors to prevent small insects from disturbing the nets. Mostly made of nylon, common in white, green and blue. Sometimes called the screen window.

The window screens accompanying the curtain cloth not only add a soft, warm, and romantic atmosphere to the room, but also have the characteristics of soft lighting, ventilation and ventilation, which can adjust the mood and give people a looming hazy feeling. The fabrics of window screening can be divided into: polyester, imitation silk, hemp or blended fabric, etc. According to its craft, it can be divided into: printing, embroidery, jacquard, yarn-dyed, dyeing, etc.

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