One Stop Factory Solution for Insect Screen and Sun Shading Fabric.

Detailed Introduction

The raw materials are: polyester yarn, aluminum wire, nylon, plastic wire, stainless steel wire, brass wire, glass fiber, PVC, paint, galvanized and so on.

Material: Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, chemical fiber wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, galvanized wire, PVC wire, aluminum wire.

Knitting: Warp knitting (commonly known as warp and weft knitting) knitting is divided into type I (commonly known as woven), type II (commonly known as raw edge), and type III (commonly known as bilateral).

Features: light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good ventilation, easy cleaning, etc.

Window screen use: It is used to prevent mosquitoes in hotels, public buildings and civil residences.

Window screening types: chemical fiber screens (the best-selling in the market), stainless steel screens, paint screens, galvanized screens, fireproof screens, invisible screens, aluminum alloy screens, plastic coated iron screens, glass fiber screens, iron screens.

Mesh: 10X10, 14X14, 16X16, 18X18, 18X14, 22X22, 24X24.

Wire size: BWG31, BWG32, BWG33, BWG34.

Hole: 3’x100’, 4’x100’, 1x25m, 1.2x30m, 1.5x25m.

Color: white, blue-white, green or dark green, silver-white, etc.

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