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External Sunshade Roller Shutters Have Three Advantages

The outer sunshade roller shutter is a collection of outer sunshade and roller shutter window. It not only has the functions of sun-shading and energy-saving, but also the convenient and beautiful functions of roller shutter windows. The outer sunshade roller shutter is made by installing sunshade products outside the glass. Most of the sun and heat do not pass through the glass and are directly blocked outdoors, which greatly reduces the indoor temperature and achieves the duality of sunshade and heat insulation at the same time. Effect, and it also has a good energy saving effect. Our outdoor sunshade products are no less than indoor ones, such as ceiling curtains, canopies, etc. The most important thing is that the advantages of outdoor sunshade are far greater than indoor sunshade.

First, the energy saving effect is good. At present, the indoor sun shading commonly adopted in China is an ineffective sun shading method. Ultraviolet rays pass through the glass to the sunshade curtain, and the fabric or metal curtain becomes a heat source. The actual heat has already entered the room. The outer sunshade curtain can block the strong light such as heat and ultraviolet rays in the outdoor at the first time, and the effect of heat insulation and energy saving is completely different from that of installing curtains inside the glass.

Second, the economic effect is excellent. The use of external shading technology has low investment and obvious results.

Third, the artistry is strong. Through the improvement of the external awning material and the choice of color, the building facade can also become rich in layers, beautiful and beautiful. It can be said that external shading technology is a high degree of unity of architectural function and architectural form.

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