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A Brief Introduction To External Sunshade Roller Shutters

External shading is to install blinds, roller blinds and other shading equipment outdoors. The main effect of external shading is to have a natural energy-saving effect. The air between the louvers and the windows under the internal shading equipment is easily affected by the greenhouse effect, causing the room temperature to remain high. However, the external shading blinds can not only isolate the outdoor sunlight, but also inhibit the indoor air from rising. In the case of using "external shading" equipment, up to 45% of air conditioning energy consumption can be saved.

The roller shutter window has a beautiful and simple appearance, which is suitable for office and home window shading, especially for large area glass curtain wall roller shutter. When the roller blind fabric is put down, it can soften the indoor light, avoid direct sunlight, and achieve a good shading effect. When the roller blind is raised, its volume is so small that it is not easy to be noticed. Roller blind fabrics include semi-shielding roller blinds, semi-transparent roller blinds, and full-shielding roller blinds, which can be determined according to the window position and usage.

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