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Comparison Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Shutter Windows

(1) Roller shutters drawn by ropes (wire ropes)

Advantages: relatively simple structure and low cost.

Disadvantages: The friction transmission brings about the spring tension is too loose to slip, the curtain cannot be moved, the motor is too tight and the load is heavy, the rope will soon wear and hair, and it will become loose and slippery after a few months of use, and the rope life will soon end. So there are many faults and loud noises.

(2) Roller shutters driven by belt

Advantages: general structure, better than rope transmission, relatively low noise, can be designed into a certain arc, relatively large transmission force, can drive heavy curtain cloth.

Disadvantages: high cost and average operating life of oil refining equipment. Because domestically produced plastic belts with such a thin and narrow hole have not completely passed the customs, the service life is generally difficult to exceed three years. The main reason is that the turning radius is too small and the time As the plastic ages, it cracks and becomes hard, which eventually leads to natural fracture. Therefore, imported products are generally used, but they are expensive. It is not possible to manually open and close the curtains during power failure.

(3) Spiral traction roller shutter

Advantages: long operating life, low operating noise, strong load capacity, high reliability, and manual opening and closing of curtains when power is off.

Disadvantages: Cannot adapt to curved window rails, and it is not convenient to transport longer specifications larger than 6 meters.

Comparison Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Shutter Windows 1

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