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Screen Door

Smartex Screen Door Manufacturers offers a high-quality Screen Door and door screen curtain as part of its product line. The Screen Door is designed to provide maximum functionality and durability while adding an aesthetic appeal to any space. As a customer-focused company, Smartex understands the importance of customization options, and thus offers the ability to customize the color and size of the Screen Door to suit individual preferences and requirements. Smartex takes pride in its manufacturing capabilities and ensures a steady supply of Screen Doors to meet customer demands. With its OEM and ODM services, Smartex caters to the specific needs of clients, offering personalized solutions. Smartex offers competitive wholesale prices, making it an ideal choice for businesses and retailers looking to source quality Screen Doors.

Hinged frame screen door manufacturer Supply directly from factory with the economical wholesale prices. Hinged frame screen door is made of durable aluminum profiles, max size can be as large as 120cm x 240cm Standard sizes are: 95cmx215cm, 100cmx220cm, 120cmx240cm The fiberglass mesh holes are...
The Smartex Fixed framed insect screen door has smooth light-weighted extruded frames
FEATURES:1. Absolutely in conformance in color between aluminum frames and connecting components.2. Fly screen fabric made from high quality fiberglass, tear proof to ensure a long service life3. Pvc profile strip will press the fiberglass screen net into the groove of aluminum frame more easily instead of traditional round strip.4. The special hinges with spring inside will make the screen door close automaticly. 5. The aluminum profile can be connected with pvc screen corners closely and tightly.6. We supply very strong aluminum screen frame with 1mm thickness. 7. The whole pvc accessories are available.8. It can be easy DIY framed insect screen door kits.
Screen door is retractable insect screen DIY kits for doors. Comfortable and environmentally friendly protection from flying pests.
Screen door is retractable insect screen DIY kits for doors. Comfortable and environmentally friendly protection from flying pests.
Profiles in the colors white, brown or anthracite incl. Durable fiberglass fabric in black for an optimal view. Our mosquito screen guarantees professional protection against all kinds of insects.
The simplified version of the step protection with an affixed magnetic tape and a new door handle. The kit is the individually shortened solution for active protection against insects for almost all doors.
FEATURES:1. weatherproof materials2. with automatic door closer3. extremely thin and stable profiles4. easy fastening of the fabric thanks to the pressing strip5. Aluminum frame: white, brown or anthracite, fabric: black  
Screen door is retractable insect screen DIY kits for doors. Comfortable and environmentally friendly protection from flying pests.
The Smartex Fixed framed insect screen door has smooth light-weighted extruded frames
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What types of insect screens for doors are there?

Fly Screen Door

The Smartex Fixed framed insect screen door has smooth light-weighted extruded frames. You can customize both the frame color (RAL colors or imitation of wood) and the mesh color. And for mesh, black, grey, and white color is more common.

The Smartex Fixed framed insect screen door is equipped with self-closing hinges. In the closed position, it is held in place with magnets so it does not spontaneously open or rattle. Reinforced with an aluminum central cross bar to prevent the insect screen from sagging, the integrated sealing bush along its entire perimeter ensures that not a mouse nor even a tiny fly will squeeze through.

Plisse Screen Door

Welcome to explore the pleated mosquito net for doors!

Plisse Screen Door are the perfect solution for home use to keep completely the insects out while maintaining a cool breeze to drift through homes and give you an unobstructed view of your backyard.

Smartex Pleated screen door profiles are available in various colors. Pleated mesh has two color options: Black or grey.

Retractable Screen Door

Our retractable screens allow you to stay connected to the outdoors without the risk of pesky insects and harsh UV rays. The mosquito net will protect you against all kinds of insects (mosquitoes, midges, spiders, etc.) thanks to a tight and resistant mesh, the fabric of the mosquito net is specially designed to let in as much light as possible.

We can customize the size: the mosquito net can be shortened in height and width to achieve the exact size of your installation. Read the instructions on the "how to measure" tab and choose a suitable size.

Fly Screen Door Curtain

Sliding curtain door screen manufacturer Supply directly from factory with the economical wholesale prices Materials: Plastic top profile Plastic weight plates polyester Clearview mesh slats mounted with screws can be installed inside or outside the door.

Fly Screen Door Curtain allows free flow passage for adults, children, and pets. It is suitable for both house and commercial applications. This design provides a solution where other screen doors can not be used, or are too expensive to use. It is properly the most affordable screen door solution in various scenarios.

Magnetic Screen Door

The Magnetic Screen Door is easily attached to the door frame without drilling and closes again in seconds with the help of magnets. So no insect can get lost in your home and you can relax and enjoy the best time of the year!

Your pets can go through smoothly without your help, adding a lot of fun for your dogs and cats without bothering the annoying flies and mosquitos. Hence, save you countless times of getting up to let the dogs out. Pets could freedom to come and go as she please. Smartex Magnetic Screen Door can freely trim off the excessive part of the mesh according to the door size.

Installation Type

How is the fly screen mounted on the window?

There are different mounting options for our products, these vary depending on the product. An overview of the mounting types:

Almost all of our products can be mounted freely in the window frame via suspension springs. The fly screen frame rests on the flush window frame.
A spring system presses the frame both hoizontally and vertically against the groove. This type of installation is mostly used for roller blinds.
Often with roller blind systems when e.g. the wall is not in the scale. For this purpose, the guide rails and the cassette are mounted in the decking.
Fast installation and an unbeatable price make the Velcro a permanent runner. Attach the self-adhesive Velcro tape to the window frame and press the grid. No drilling or screwing.
Magnetic tape
Similar to Velcro tape, the magnetic tape is attached to the window frame (outside), on which the plastic frame rests afterwards. Quick installation and ideal for rental apartments.
Mounting angle
A situation-related mounting method for clamping frames if no blinding frame thickness or similar. available. The mounting brackets or impellers are screwed into the window frame.
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