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Cat Proof Screens 1
Cat Proof Screens 2
Cat Proof Screens 3
Cat Proof Screens 4
Cat Proof Screens 5
Cat Proof Screens 6
Cat Proof Screens 1
Cat Proof Screens 2
Cat Proof Screens 3
Cat Proof Screens 4
Cat Proof Screens 5
Cat Proof Screens 6

Cat Proof Screens

Although the individual strands that make up a dog or cat proof screen are thicker, the strands are placed further apart to avoid significantly impacting visibility and airflow.



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    Product Details

    Pet Proof Screen manufacturer

    Supply directly from factory with the economical wholesale prices.

    Smartex Pet Screen is a heavy-duty, pet-resistant insect screen. Seven times stronger than regular insect screening.

    Dogs frequently claw at doors and screens whenever they want to go outside or come back inside. Over time, repeated clawing and pawing can take its toll on inferior screens. Not only does this leave you vulnerable to insects and other creatures getting inside your home, but your beloved pet can escape through a hole if it’s large enough.

    Smartex pet proof screen is suitable for doors and windows as well as larger areas such as pool and porch enclosures, making it ideal for pet owners who want to give their four-legged friends some fresh air on the porch, without leaving them outside.


    Cat Proof Screens 8

    Cat Proof Screens 9


    Product name

    Pet-Proof Screen

    Mesh size



    Reach, CE, Rohs


    Corrosion Resistance

    Hole shape



    Vinyl-coated polyester


    Plain weaving






    Thread Diameter


    Standard Width


    Roll Length

    30m, 50m, etc.


    32%Polyester, 68%PVC


    Anti Pets

    Cat Proof Screens 11

    Cat Proof Screens 12

    Cat Proof Screens 13

    Cat Proof Screens 14

    Cat Proof Screens 15

    Cat Proof Screens 16

    Cat Proof Screens 17

    Pet Screen installs like regular insect screening and is excellent for use in patio/porch enclosures and windows and doors.

    Cat Proof Screens 18

    Cat Proof Screens 19

    Cat Proof Screens 20

    The preferred choice of pet owners

    Durable and long-lasting

    Great for high traffic areas

    Resists damage by pets, wind, weather and golf balls

    Premium choice where extra strength and protection are required

    Ideal for any screening application


    Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation

    Carton box or customized

    Cat Proof Screens 21


    with over 15 years of insect screen manufacturing and exporting experience

    Serving customers from all around the world

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