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How to keep mosquitoes away from babies

How to keep mosquitoes away from babies


In summer, the most annoying thing is the mosquito. After being bitten by the mosquito, the skin will be itchy and unbearable, and it will become red and swollen. Especially for the baby, the skin is relatively tender. Mosquito bites a swelling takes a long time to be able to go on. How to keep mosquitoes away from babies in summer?

These little tricks might work:

1. Do a good job of personal hygiene

Mosquitoes like people who release a lot of carbon dioxide, that is, people who have fast metabolism, strong secretion, and sweat easily. 

Babies metabolize faster than adults, sweat easily, and are most likely to attract mosquitoes. Therefore, the mother usually needs to give the baby a regular bath, change clothes, do a good job of personal hygiene, keep the skin clean, and the baby can naturally stay away from mosquitoes. 

2. Wear light clothes when going out

When your baby is out, try to wear light, thin, breathable clothing, and give priority to long sleeve clothes and long trousers like anti-mosquito pants.


Of course, you can also apply professional mosquito repellent before going out. However, all mosquito repellent products containing chemical ingredients such as "amine", "benzene" and "ring" must be used in limited quantities. 

Generally speaking, if the content of these chemical components is within the scope of national standards, it will not cause harm to the human body. But just in case, parents must not use them for baby a large area and a long time. Parents should adhere to the principle of using less and less, or not. In addition, you should be home to wash the baby immediately, replaced the clothes, to prevent syrup residue.

3. Baby mosquito net

Mosquito nets are probably the "four most" of all the anti-mosquito methods: the most economical, effective, environmentally friendly, and safest. As long as you keep the mosquito net closed, even if your baby is sleeping naked inside the mosquito net, it will only let the mosquitoes closed outside see but can not bite. 

How to choose a high quality and safe mosquito net for your baby is very important!

Smartex baby mosquito net is beautiful fashion and design with solid color and round top design, it gives the room a story feeling fairy and add extra romance and elegance.

It is made of good quality polyester, safe and breathable, the breathable material is pretty good for kids. 

Prevent mosquito and other small insects, this mosquito net is good for keeping all the horrible and annoying fly bugs, mosquitoes and insects away from you or your child.

With this net, too, it can prevent babies from falling to the floor and also protect babies eye offending by blinding light.

All you have to do is hang the hook on the ceiling to fix this mosquito net, this will be much easier for you.

In short, the safest and most effective way to prevent your baby from being bitten by mosquitoes is: mosquito net. When you go out, you can prepare a mosquito repellent. I hope that all babies can be free from the harassment of mosquitoes!


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