Who are main customers to Smartex ?
Our products including one of our hot selling products - replacement window screen frames are characterized by high reliability, long service life, and also appealing look, totally meeting the requirements of design and application required by a large number of customer groups. Our main customer groups are from different industries and spread across the world. Since we have been researching their changing needs on products and consuming habits with the time changing, our brand can fully satisfy them in all aspects, which in turn gives us enlarged customer base relying on the high customer satisfaction.

Smartex Screen Co., Ltd. is dedicated to this plisse screen doorbusiness and has extensive manufacturing expertise. Smartex's home depot window screens series include multiple types. The production of Smartexroller fly screen door involves several stages. They include lamination staking, slot insulating, winding, wire-leads termination, and electrical testing. The product is easy to handle and operate. People who dress this product will find that it has enough elasticity for the wide range of body movements. It is easy to install and disassembly.

Smartexwill develop better based on the principle of magnetic door curtain for business. Ask online!
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