What to do if front screen doors is damaged during shipping?
Smartex Screen Co., Ltd.makes every effort to protect products from damage during transportation. But if you still find any damage, please write it down. This can help greatly in the event of claims against the carrier. We are really sorry with all the accident. Do contact us and we will do our best to put things right.

Smartex has been paying attention to the insect screen frame business for many years. Smartex's pleated mesh series include multiple types. Smartexretractable insect screen door has been strictly checked before delivery. It will be tested in terms of its insulation performance, short circuit protection capacity, electric leakage, etc. Its frame is made of aluminum characterized by high weather resistance. The product is safe to use. Its structure, with a reinforced frame, is sturdy enough and hard to tip over. It is easy to install and disassembly.

Our adherence to the core value of patio screen door plays an important role in we. Please contact us!
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