What properties are needed in roller fly screen raw materials?
In fact, the roller fly screen manufacturer consistently pays close attention to the properties of raw materials. It's the combination of raw materials and advanced technology that makes perfect item. When the producer is selecting raw materials, many indexes are considered and analyzed. When the raw materials are processed, production technology is an integral way to maximize its functions and properties.

Smartex Screen Co., Ltd. is a well-known dependable and professional maker. Smartex's insect screen window series include multiple types. Smartexroller fly screen door is manufactured complying with international electrical safety standards. For example, it meets the safety requirements of IEC International Standards. It offers protection against pest as well as ventilation comfort. Its enough elasticity creates a comfortable fit for all-day wear. The product allows easy movement such as stretch, walk, squat, crawl, and so on. The product is easy to handle and operate.

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