What about the production flow for insect screen mesh in Smartex?
The manufacture of insect screen in Smartex Screen Co., Ltd.is a mix of technology and experience. An efficient production flow is a must for cost-effective manufacturing and is hence critical to get manufacturing profits. There's communication between planner, manufacturing manager, and operator in our company. The transition out of small scale to quantity production could be made.

Smartex has outstanding research and development capabilities and is a company that has attracted much attention, focusing on fly screen mesh door. Smartex's door fly curtain series include multiple types. This product is distinguished by the ability in working stably under a wide temperature range. Thanks to the heat treatment process, it is not easily affected by outer temperature. It is easy to install and disassembly. Thanks to its abrasion resistance property, this product allows people to wear and wash it many times without any pilling problems. It can also prevent pets, like dog and cat, from escaping from the house.

Magnetic door curtain is one of the reason that customers choose Smartex. Call!
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