What about industry position of Smartex ?
Smartex Screen Co., Ltd.is one of the top Smartexsuppliers in China and is striving to become a strong brand in the world. Our brand is committed to providing the highest quality products for our customers and providing a wide range of recognized services worldwide. By insisting on providing the best service and the highest quality products, we firmly believe that we will be the industry leader in the world.

Through continuous technological innovation, Smartex is in a leading position in the magnetic door curtain industry. Smartex's patio screen door series include multiple types. The product is chemical resistant. A dense protective layer has been formed on the surface to guard against any liquids or solid chemicals. Daily handling or occasional clashes won't leave scratches on its surface. Dressing this product will set people free of skin irritation problems such as red and swollen. It will be the best choice for people who suffer from skin problems. The product remains its shape even in harsh weather conditions like storms.

The essence of keeping weforward is pleated mesh. Get info!
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