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Six ways to Prevent Annoying Mosquitos

Six ways to Prevent Annoying Mosquitos


Mosquito is a kind of small insect pest. They like to suck the blood of animal. Especially in hot and moist summer, mosquitoes reproduce very fast. The most serious problem is that they are responsible for the transmission of diseases such as dengue, malaria, filariasis and zika virus. Therefore, we need to take measures to keep mosquitos out of homes to protect our beloved's health and maintain pleasant mood. You must be very interested in solving this problem. Here I would like to introduce 8 practical and economical ways to get the bugs out.

1. Some fruit peels have the function of repelling mosquitoes. You can pack dried orange peels into some silk socks, then spread the silk socks at the window corners, table corners, etc. It helps to keep the mosquitoes out while emitting fresh and pleasant smell.

Disadvantage: It doesn't  last long and it functions well only in small rooms

2. Put a saucer filled with boiled vinegar at the corner of the window. You will not be disturbed by mosquitoes all night long, leaving the window open.

Disadvantage: It works for only one night. If you don't like the vinegar smell, it would be a torture for the night.

3.  Place a few mozzie busters in your room. The vibrant greenery can also decorate your living space.

Disadvantage: In fact it only performs well for a small space around the plants. You need to put plenty of mozzie busters in your room. Can you imagine sleeping among greenery plants?

1. Some people use mosquito-repellent incense at summer nights. It is economical but consumes fast.

Disadvantage: Can you endure the burning smell? What's more, the burning incense can catch fire easily or do serious damage to the furniture

5. You may also apply mosquito repellent liquid in your room simply by plugging in. It is one of the most common ways nowadays.

Disadvantage: There are always voices arguing that it can put your house at danger if you carelessly forget to plug out the mosquito repellent liquid. While you are working at office during the daytime, you may constantly worry whether you have turned it off.

6. Install mosquito screen windows and doors. Insect screen windows and doors is the best solution to guard you forever against mosquitos and other unwelcome bugs. Insect screen is the most natural and environmental-friendly method to protect you and your family from mosquitos of all kinds. 

There are many kinds of bug screen on the market for you to choose. Check online or consult your nearest store for the most suitable mosquito screen can be much easy.

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