One-Stop Factory Solution For Insect Screen And Other Smartex Screen Products.
Product Advantage
Every product are strictly inspected according to its international standard.
Multiple option
Multiple insect screen nets for option to suit all your needs.
Quality Assured Products
Our company has more than 10 years of experiences in research and production in insect screen, garden products.
Cost Effectiveness Solution
Because the company has rich purchasing resources and management experience, so the purchase cost and production have been controlled effectively.
Strict Testing
Strict testing measures to ship cargos with zero problems.
More than 10 quality testing reports concerning quality aspects and 2 patents on our company design.
Quality Service
We are real factory both for raw materials and processed DIY products, which make us provide competitive products with controlled quality service.
Quality Control System
ISO 9001 and HD SUPPLY/OBI quality control system provide satisfactory quality standards.
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