Is Smartex product supply chain complete?
Smartex Screen Co., constructing the supply chain. Cooperation which is reputable is made by us with material providers. A mechanism of service & support has been built, to give service after sales, shipping service, etc.

Smartex has its independent factory to manufacture plisse screen door. Smartex's mosquito netting for patio series include multiple types. The product is anti-bacterial. Made of harmless and non-irritant materials, it is skin-friendly and does not prone to cause skin allergies. Adhering to optimal standards, the product meets the requirements of UV, RoHS, REACH, etc. This product will not put users' health at risk. With no or low VOCs, it will not cause symptoms, including headaches and dizziness. Specially-made rubber can connect the handlebar with fibreglass net tightly.

In accordance with the positioning of magnetic door curtain, Smartexhas accelerated the strategic layout of its marketing service, technology research and development. Get more info!
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