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How to choose the right screen window, screen door​ panel to prevent mosquito?

How to choose the right screen window, screen door​ panel to prevent mosquito?


The summer season brings us exciting moments but also its drawbacks. Among these, many pests such as mosquitoes but also flies, wasps, and other insects disturbing our precious sleep.

The most common way to prevent this is to install screen window and screen door panel in your house. You will be able to enjoy the summer in peace and keep the windows open in the event of strong heat!

There are several types of mosquito nets, fixed frame mosquito nets, roller mosquito nets more suitable for small and medium size windows and even roof windows because, as we know, mosquitoes can come from anywhere!

Before entering into the business of mosquito net, we will make sure:

  • the type of mosquito net popular in your market;

  • the common dimensions of the mosquito net, otherwise, it loses considerably inefficiency;

  • The materials of screen window frames, the insect screen mesh;

  • the quality of the insect screen, which must be resistant, in particular to bad weather which may occur whatever the season;

  • of its design which must be practical in use, since it is a product that we will see often!

  • DIY design, they must can be cut to fit on to various windows and doors

  • Easy to install. Can be installed by only one person, using simple tools, such as saw, electric drill, within only one hour.

We, Smartex, has been a steady supplier for many big brands in Europe for many years. Therefore the models we produce already enjoy a good market. Therefore they are perfect and safe choice for you to embark your insect screen business.

Among those popular screen windows, Retractable screen windows are many house owners' first option.


1.     Fly screen fabric made of high quality fiberglass, tear proof to ensure a long service life

2.     Window screen can be automatically retractated into the cassette or headbox with spring force

3.     Aluminum profiles are more light-weighted, durable and can be made into any RAL colors; PVC profile is also an option

4.     Recess fit and face fit

5.     Easy to install

6.     DIY design, can be cut into any sizes to fit onto customers’ windows

Roll Up Mosquito net is retractable insect screen window DIY kits. Comfortable and environmentally friendly protection from flying pests. It is very popular for all standard window, which is retractable to offer protection and comfort in one – open it if necessary or close it slowly with the brake - just as required. SMT-R-002 is the most favorite model in the whole Europe. It is aluminum Roll up fly screen window.

In addition to being versatile and custom-made, our retractable screen doors, door screens, and window screens are also exceptionally durable and long-lasting. Built with solid aluminum and finished with a Tough Powder Coating, our retractable screens effectively stand up to harsh weather and wear and are easy to maintain. Additionally, our fiberglass screens, bug screens, pool screens and pet screens are all made with mesh styles that are resistant to damage from UV rays and inclement weather. Plus, all of our retractable screens retract into and are stored in protective cassettes, which helps keep them clean and in great condition.


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