How is Smartex positioned?
Smartex Screen Co., focused on promoting top quality Smartexat an inexpensive cost. Efforts are made to restrain the manufacturing cost, from raw material to the manufacturing process and also to quality management. The price is set after a succession of market research.

Since its inception, Smartex has been supplying superior pleated mesh. Smartex's magnetic door curtain series include multiple types. The product is distinguished by good luster on the surface. The surface polishing treatment has removed any defections and improved its finish. Its frame is made of aluminum characterized by high weather resistance. The product not only meets people's needs in terms of design and visual aesthetics but also is safe and durable, always meeting consumer expectations. Dust or dirt won't stick to it as it is free from static electricity.

Encouraging the spirit and boosting best door fly screen industry development are the passionate source of we. Please contact.
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