How about Smartex logistics distribution system?
To ensure the highly efficient transportation, Smartex Screen Co., Ltd.has a complete set of logistics distribution system. By working with dependable freight forwarder, we could guarantee that the products transported and loaded safely and economically. After providing magnetic mesh screen door curtain , its after-sales staff will keep customers informed about the logistics update.

Door fly curtain has a massive sales system and Smartex is developing rapidly. Smartex's home depot window screens series include multiple types. The product is rather safe. It corners and edges are all rounded by professional machines to reduce sharps, hence causing no injury. It offers protection against pest as well as ventilation comfort. Dressing this product will make people feel good and natural every time. This will save people time spent on garment matching and will have more energy to treat others better. The product is great for keeping flying insects, bugs and mosquitos.

Smartexactively explores the development path and builds a core corporate value system of door fly curtain. Get info!
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