Does Smartex have agents in foreign countries?
Presently, Smartex Screen Co., Ltd.urgently needs more agents in overseas countries. We consider that a broker acts on its own behalf in the foreign marketplace by introducing anti insect screen for clients. As a result of continuing imperfect sales system in the foreign market, we're still trying our best to accomplish this fantastic aim. With the expanding overseas business, we're in a desperate need of searching for trusted agents to assist us to market the brand popularity and image.

As the top fly screen mesh doormaker in China, Smartex attaches great value to the significance of quality. Smartex's mosquito netting roll series include multiple types. Smartexroller insect screen has passed through various performance tests, including high voltage test (dielectric withstand test), leakage current test, and ground continuity test. The product has a certain flexibility that can absorb impact pressure. The product has no foul smell. During the production, any harsh chemicals are forbidden to be used, such as benzene or harmful VOC. It has a warranty of 10 years.

Pleated mesh is the commitment of our teamto customers. Inquire!
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