UK: PVC Retractable Fly Screens And Aluminum Roller Insect Screens

Feb 11th,2021

"I am a reseller in the UK. We sell on Amazon, eBay, Facebook shop DIY mosquito kits. I am happy that Smartex gave us all the support!"

I am a reseller in the UK. Before we meet Smartex, we purchased from Europe. Gradually, we realized that my suppliers buy from China.

When the sales went better, I started searching for reliable suppliers from China.

Smartex has what we wanted.

I bought some samples first. The quality is good.

We started with PVC and aluminum roller screen windows. They are DIY mosquito kits. 

Everything is packed in a long slim white box and the installation is simple.

This year, we tried some new products: magnetic window screens and some plisse fly mesh.

I found that some competitors are selling those products. 

Hope the sales up!

Flyscreens are seasonal products that have pros and cons.

In the UK, we have four seasons. During summer times, people would like to buy fly mesh.

For me. It is good, as I don't have to keep busy all year round. 

I make orders in autumn and winter. Smartex shipped the goods to us in Spring.

Sales started late spring and throughout compete summer.

We will continue to cooperate with Smartex in the future!

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