Italy: Easy To Sell And We Are Very Satisfied

Apr 30th,2021

"We sell DIY insect screen products since 2012 and after trying 2 or 3 suppliers from China. We found that Smartex did the most excellent job. They offered good prices, considerate services. Great Job, I should say!"

We do E-commerce sales in Europe and we are lucky that we seized the opportunity that E-commerce expands surprisingly quickly. We tried 2 to 3 suppliers at the beginning. But when we started to work with Smartex. Everything was different. They are quite experienced and they offered great advice on sizes, colors, Installation manuals, and Packaging. We are happy with the products and sometimes they point out some strong selling points They make the business much easier.

We buy and sell aluminum roller window screens, PVC roller door screens, some are for doors; magnetic window screens, magnetic door curtains. They are all best sellers. For us, a steady and qualified supplier is very important. We sell to entire Europe.

We expect to boost sales in the coming years and we will work with Smartex. 

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