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Your best choice— pleated insect screen window

Today the product we recommend is the skylight window, people also called it pleated insect screen window. Please allow us to introduce this window. It is popular because of the special design and simple installation ways. The material of the mesh is polyester fabrics and the aluminum frame is superior. The regular size is 110x160cm, every color is available. The pvc accessories are be used to solve the problem that there is big space between skylight window and window frame. it can be used safely and conveniently and It has a good sealing effect. It can be said to be one of the essential choices of home. The design of folding screens is very reasonable, and the service life is long.

Concerning the quality, we can guarantee our products passed the CE, REACH certificates , all the materials are odorless and safe for the people’s health.

Different from the other products in market, we have developed the design of the pleated insect screen window after did the survey about the clients’ opinion. So our item is more suitable for European market. If you are looking for pleated skylight screen window, send inquiry to us and our sales department will contact you as soon as possible.


Post time: Dec-30-2018
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