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New Arrivals-Pleated insect screen

Pleated screen is widely used in skylights and folding doors. It is a very fashionable screen material.

Smartex’s pleated insect screen is used for the production of pleated insect screen systems. The permanent deformation of the fabric provides the required properties which are essential or the proper function of such system. Smartex’s pleated insect screen include polyster pleated insect screen and PP pleated insect screen. Available in 15mm & 20mm pleats height.

There is the specific information for your reference:

The item name: Pleated Insect Screen

Materials: 100% polyester, pvc-coated polyester, PP/PE

The pleating height: 14mm—20mm.

The color: grey, black, white, etc.

Application: Plisse insect screen window and door

Pleated Insect Screen

Post time: Jan-08-2019
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